We’re hanging out and building the LEGO version of NASA’s Apollo Saturn V Rocket that brought humans safely to the moon and back. Come hang out and say hello to chat about space while we build this amazing LEGO set!

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0:00 Preshow
4:39 Show Starts
25:51 Bag #1
1:05:20 Bag #2
1:22:15 Bag #3
1:43:06 Bag #4
2:16:00 Bag #5
2:42:25 Bag #6
3:17:50 Bag #7
4:02:33 Bag #8
4:37:22 Intermission
4:47:41 Bag #9
4:59:45 Bag #10
5:16:21 Bag #11
5:57:39 Bag #12
6:09:36 Accessory Items
6:28:30 Finished!
6:37:29 Outro


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Watch a full flight with beautiful views from launch to the stratosphere and back over Finger Lakes in NY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZwq86wWknk