OLHZN In the News

Operating high altitude weather balloon flights is fun, exciting and something very unique that most people don’t encounter or think about on a regular basis. Over the years, we’ve been featured by a few news outlets for some of the work we’ve achieved and the experiments we’ve attempted. Below is a collection of some of the outlets we’ve been featured by that have reported on our flights.

Tory Carissimo’s work with Overlook Horizon High Altitude Balloons pays off in a NASA invite to see SpaceX rocket lift off
NASA invites Canandaigua man to see SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch
Solar eclipse: Weather balloons to capture excitement from 100,000 feet
Overlook Horizon is chasing the eclipse with their high altitude weather balloon
Weather balloon launched into sky to capture rare footage of solar eclipse
Overlook Horizon's weather balloon will offer stunning images of the solar eclipse
Group in Ontario County prepares to capture video of this month's solar eclipse
Overlook Horizon found a way to view the solar eclipse from a unique perspective: a weather balloon!
Overlook Horizon will see a different view of the Solar Eclipse from a weather balloon
Weather balloon science project provides alternative for watching the solar eclipse
Weather balloons have Canandaigua grad looking up, way up
Group launches weather balloon to get high altitude view of eclipse
Solar eclipse: Weather balloons to capture excitement from 100,000 feet
How to make your own solar eclipse projector

Airliner Flyby Video News Coverage

In March 2017 during our flight, OLHZN-5we experienced an unexpected close flyby from an Airbus A319 operated by Delta Air Lines. This story was reported on by a number of news outlets in June 2017 when we published the video of the flyby on our YouTube Channel. This was an incredibly unique moment capturing a cruising jet in such close proximity so it was definitely news worthy. However, some of the news outlets sensationalized the video footage by calling it a “near miss”, “near collision” or “dangerous encounter”. These terms are all inaccurate. Although the close proximity makes for a surprisingly unique video, these types of weather balloon passes occur very regularly around the world and are completely safe and all weather balloon flights are regulated by aviation authorities like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States.  All our flights follow all the governing regulations to ensure safe operations and the FAA even watched our video after receiving anonymous reports and they had no concerns with the encounter. Our weather balloon flights go through thorough coordination with the FAA before, during and after the flight. It’s a very unique video, but not dangerous and not that unusual of a situation in the skies. See our Flight Safety & Regulations page for details about the safety procedures that the FAA has us follow to ensure safety for all.

Weather balloon GoPro captures Airbus A319 flyby
Weather Balloon Has Close Call with Jet | The Weather Channel
Extreme flyby: Weather balloon has close call with Delta Airbus (VIDEO)
Amazing weather balloon footage shows just HOW fast planes fly
Weather balloon has extremely close call with Airbus A319
Weather Balloon Camera Captures Airliner Rocketing By At 38,000 Feet