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The success of the Overlook Horizon High Altitude Balloon program depends greatly upon the generous financial support of corporate sponsors and individual patrons that love space, science and exploration!  Financial support is essential to our mission to generate great content and provide educational programs and materials to help students of all ages get hands on experience with real world science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Your generous contribution is put directly back into our program to facilitate more launches and educational opportunities as well as develop and deliver teaching materials, videos and experiences for young students across the country.  Varying sponsorship levels are available which includes publicity on our website, social media channels and live broadcasts.  If you’re interested in sponsoring one or more launches, check out our Patreon Page where individuals can become patrons and gain access to exclusive content or corporate sponsors can fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch right away!

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We provide exclusive content and rewards to individual patrons that support our Patreon starting with as little as a $1 contribution.  Support us today!

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