About Our Team

Overlook Horizon Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational public charity organization founded to promote real world educational opportunities and inspire students and adults into fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  What started as a fun hobby for us has quickly expanded to a passion for inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers. We use our high altitude balloon flights to promote continuing education and get people involved in at-home computing platforms like Arduino or Raspberry Pi where the possibilities are endless. We use these computing platforms to further our high altitude balloon goals, but there is so much more that can be done. We hope to open the door for students and adults to see what we’ve done and think to themselves “I wonder what I can do?”

Overlook Horizon Team Members

OLHZN Space Balloons Team

Tory Carissimo
Tory CarissimoFlight Director
Manages flight day operations and procedures.
Jeff Kovalovsky
Jeff KovalovskyFlight Dynamics Officer
Manages balloon filling, health, anchoring, lift weights and monitoring during launch and recovery.
Liz Carissimo
Liz CarissimoPublic Affairs Officer
Manages our live broadcast operations, live audience operations and flight day questions/answers.
Kerry Cannan
Kerry CannanInstrumentation & Communications Officer
Monitors payload radio transmissions, weather forecasts and wind conditions and speeds.
Logan Cannan
Logan CannanGround Controller
Manages the main countdown timer and launch procedures/checklist.
Jeff Cannan
Jeff CannanLaunch Day Assistant
Brad Kovalovsky
Brad KovalovskyLaunch Day Assistant
Trevor Tripp
Trevor TrippEducational Advisor