5 Min Read Travel The NSSC provides travel reimbursement services for all authorized Agency travel including: domestic, foreign, local, ETDY, and Change of Station (COS).

References Federal Travel Regulations (FTR)
Traveler Extended TDY and Taxes
Domestic Per Diem Rates
Foreign Per Diem Rates

Change of Station NSSC Travel now has another way that a transferee Traveler may submit his or her vouchers. Please see, submitting Change of Station Process Steps

If traveling CONUS, review: NASA’s Guide to a Successful Move (CONUS)

If traveling OCONUS, review: NASA’s Guide to a Successful Move (OCONUS)

Change of Station References

Change of Station Voucher Information And Samples

Allegiance POC Information

GSA Smart Pay State Tax Information

Change of Station and RITA

Change of Station ServiceNow Instructions

Change of Station Forms

NSSC Change of Station Form

OF 1012 Travel Voucher 

SF 1038 Advance of Funds Application and Account

NASA Form 1815 Tax Exemption Certificate (Tax on Occupancy of Hotel Rooms)

NF420  Service Agreement-First Duty Station Appointment

NF513 Service Agreement and Duplicate Reimbursement Disclosure Statement OCONUS Employment

NF1204 Employee’s Claim for Damage to, or Loss of, Personal Property Incident to Service

NF1337 Service Agreement-Transferred Employee

NF1338 Employee Application for Reimbursement of Expenses Incurred upon Sale or Purchase (or both) of Residence upon Change of Station

NF1449C  CONUS-Information Covering Persons Transferred or Appointed to First Duty Station

NF1449O OCONUS-Information Covering Persons Transferred or Appointed to First Duty Station

NF1450C CONUS Change of Station Authorization

NF1450O OCONUS Change of Station Authorization

NF1500 Claim for Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expense/Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance Reimbursement

NF1807 Househunting Trip Binding Decision

NF1808 Property Management Binding Decision

NF1809 Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expenses (TQSE) Binding Decision

NF1810 Employee Agreement to Repay Withholding Tax Allowance (WTA)

NF 1811 Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA)

NF1812 Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA) Preceding Final Departure

NF1813 Temporary Change of Station (TCS) Duplicate Reimbursement Disclosure Statement

NF1814 Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA) Predeparture Binding Decision

Related Tax Information:

Check out the latest Taxability Change Notice for Change of Station travelers.
To learn more, see: Relocation Income Tax Allowance Information

Domestic Travel POV Mileage for NASA Travelers
For Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Mileage Reimbursement Rates for TDY and ETDY Travel please refer to the GSA Web site: http://www.gsa.gov/mileage   

NASA Domestic Travel: Day that Travel Ends
For the day travel ends (the day a traveler returns to the PDS, home, or other authorized point), the per diem allowance is 75% of M&IE. 

NASA Domestic Travel Rental Car Liability

When making a reservation for a rental car, please remember the Government is only responsible to pay for rental car charges for official travel time.  If a traveler decides to take annual leave in conjunction with official travel and keeps the rental car during annual leave, the portion of the rental rate applicable to annual leave is the responsibility of the traveler.  Please refer to 41 CFR 301-10.453

What is my liability for unauthorized use of a rental automobile obtained with Government funds?

You are responsible for any additional cost resulting from the unauthorized use of a commercial rental automobile for other than official travel-related purposes.

NASA Domestic Travel: Tax Exemption

Prior to traveling, refer to the GSA State Tax Information webpage: https://smartpay.gsa.gov/smarttax. Select your State/US territory of interest to see the exemption status and download the appropriate form, if required.

Extended Temporary Duty (ETDY) Reduced Per Diem rate

NASA’s standard reduced per diem rate for ETDY travel is 65 percent under the current policy as defined in the NASA Procedural Requirements (NPR) 9750.1-3.1.2.

     a.   Consistent with 41 CFR 301-11.200, an ETDY authorization can include reasonable further reductions from this standard rate or limitations on approved lodging for unique circumstances, to the extent it can be  determined in advance that such will substantially lower costs without mission impact.  For example, if lodging is obtained at 50 percent per diem, the ETDY authorization should be adjusted to authorize a lower rate. 

    b.   The reduced rate of reimbursement begins on the first day of travel regardless of the mode of transportation, except as noted in 3.1.3.  Allowances are covered by the reduced per diem rate; therefore, NASA will authorize the employee a per diem rate (up to 65 percent) to reasonably cover expenses for a one bedroom furnished apartment.  For ETDY greater than 90 days, first consideration should be given to long-term lodging facilities.  Long-term lodging facilities are available on the GSA schedule at http://www.gsa.gov.  If a long-term facility is not selected, proper justification should be provided. 

Find more about Allowable ETDY Expenses Included in Reduced Per Diem Rate, please see the following document: 

Allowable ETDY Expenses Included in Reduced Per Diem Rate

GSA Long-term Lodging (Schedule 48)

GSA’s Schedule 48 is designed for lodging needs of 30 days or more. This program provides housing accommodations for temporary or permanent relocation. Typical facilities include apartment or condominium type properties that may be furnished with all the amenities of a regular home. The current list of vendors is available by clicking on the link above. Most of these properties will accommodate NASA Extended TDY travelers within the 65% reduce per diem rate and will allow use of the government charge card.

Foreign Travel Please consult the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), NPR 9710.1, and NPR 9750.1. Please call the NSSC Contact Center at 1-877-NSSC-123 (1-877-677-2123) for additional information.