The NASA Ames Science Directorate recognizes the outstanding contributions of (pictured left to right) Amy Gresser, Mary Beth Wilhelm, Taylor Bell, and Liane Guild. Their commitment to the NASA mission represents the talent, camaraderie, and vision needed to explore this world and beyond.

Space Biosciences Star: Amy Gresser

Dr. Amy Gresser is the Space Biology Portfolio Manager for the Space Biosciences Division. Amy made a significant impact through her exemplary leadership in navigating the space biology portfolio, safeguarding workforce and science through budget planning and execution, and fostering a culture of excellence.

Dr. Mary Beth Wilhelm conducts research in the field. Space Science Star: Mary Beth Wilhelm

Dr. Mary Beth Wilhelm is a planetary scientist and astrobiologist with the Space Science & Astrobiology Division. Mary Beth’s outstanding leadership in team projects, ingenuity reflected in her recent proposal selection, and collaborative disposition play a crucial role in the success of the division.

taylor bell Space Science Star: Dr. Taylor Bell

Dr. Taylor Bell is a planetary scientist with the Space Science & Astrobiology Division. Taylor published a very exciting result on a popular hot Jupiter target using the James Webb Space Telescope observations in a high-impact journal Nature Astronomy.

Earth Science Star: Dr. Liane Guild

Dr. Liane Guild is an ecosystems scientist in the Earth Science Division. Liane represented NASA on the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force, presented on her CyanoSCape project at HQ Focus Area team meetings, attended a Surface Biology and Geology meeting, and led the Interagency Agreement with the Naval Postgraduate School (CIRPAS) to ‘fly Ames’ 4STAR-B airborne instrument for validating data from the PACE-PAX mission data.

Stars of the Month, June 2024