NASA conducted their first (of two) flight readiness reviews (FRR) to prepare for the SpaceX Demo-2 mission to the International Space Station. This is the press conference following the review which resulted in a GO to proceed towards launch on May 27, 2020. Timestamps listed below.

This is a highlight clip from our live stream. Full live stream video available here:

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0:00 Press Conference Starts
1:04 Jim Bridenstine opening remarks
2:59 Steve Jurczyk opening remarks
5:19 Kathy Lueders opening remarks
7:06 Kirk Shireman opening remarks
9:17 Benji Reed opening remarks
13:52 Norm Knight opening remarks
17:33 Press Q&A “What did the FRR conclude?”
19:52 Press Q&A “Is Roscosmos ok with launch?”
21:48 Press Q&A “How did you determine loss of crew risk?”
23:09 Press Q&A “What are the FRR discussions like?”
25:49 Press Q&A “Did you think we’d get here 1 year after anomaly?”
28:19 Press Q&A “How has SpaceX contributed?”
30:50 Press Q&A “When are aborts available?”
35:26 Press Q&A “How fast can SpaceX fly crew on Starship?”
37:01 Press Q&A “What are the next steps?”
38:29 Press Q&A “Are there any issues that came up in FRR?”
41:15 Press Q&A “What loose ends need to be finished?”
43:16 Press Q&A “Is there any concern is ISS increased benzine levels?”
45:08 Press Q&A “Why does it take 19 hours to get to ISS?”
48:50 Press Q&A “Did Doug Loverro leaving cause extra work?”
51:08 Press Q&A “How risky / dangerous is this mission?”
54:36 Press Q&A “Any concerns from international partners?”
58:02 Closing remarks