Space Biosciences Staff Awards NASA Honor Award Recipients Distinguished Service Medal

James Connolly (2013)

Early Career Achievement Medal

Nicole A. Rayl (2012)
David J. Smith (2016)
Jonathan M. Galazka (2017)

Equal Employment Opportunity Medal

Dana G. Bolles (2014)

Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal

David L. Pletcher (2015)

Exceptional Achievement Medal

Janet E. Beegle (2015)

Exceptional Administrative Achievement Medal

Josefina M. Serrano (2017)

Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

Ruth Globus (2015)

Exceptional Service Medal

Barbara Navarro (2013)
Eduardo Almeida (2014)
April E. Ronca Finco (2016)

Silver Achievement Medal

Sidney Sun (2013)

Outstanding Leadership Medal

Mike Skidmore (2008)
James P. Connolly (2010)
A.C. Maese (2012)
Paresh A. Bhavsar (2014)
Sidney Sun (2015)
Cecilia Wigley (2015)
Macarena P. Parra (2017)

Ames Honor Award Recipients Administrative Professional Award

Natalie R. Lemar (2009)

Engineer Award

Louie T. Luzod (2009)

Supervisor/Manager Award

James Connolly (2010)

Group/Team Award

STL Team (2010)
TROPI-2 Payload Team (2010)
MI2 Team (2011)
STL2 Team (2011)
Ultrasound 2 Project Team (2011)
Fruit Flies in Space Team (2012)
Bion-M1 Project Team (2013)
Cell Bio Tech Demo Team (2013)
SporeSat Project Team (2014)
Fruit Fly Lab Team (2015)
ISS Bioculture Anomaly Resolution Team (2015)
ISS Payloads Flight Processing Team (2015)
WetLab-2 RNA Extraction Team (2015)
Exploration Medical Capability Electrocardiogram Test (2016)
WetLab-2 ISS Payload Team (2016)

Contractor Employee Award

Paula M. Dumars (2011)
Kevin Sato (2011)
Sungshin Y. Choi (2017)

Project Management Award

Sidney C. Sun (2010)
David L. Pletcher (2011)
Nicole Rayl (2013)

Mentor Award

John A. Hogan (2013)

Scientist or Researcher Award

Ruth Globus (2015)

Supervisor/Manager Award

Cecilia Wigley (2010)
John Hogan (2016)
Marianne Sowa (2017)

Diversity and Opportunity Award

Joshua Alwood (2017)

Space Flight Awareness Honoree Award Recipients Gianine Figliozzi (2015)
Amy C. Chu (2016)
David Pletcher (2016)

Space Flight Awareness Management Award Recipients Paresh Bhavsar (2014)
Elizabeth Taylor (2017)

Silver Snoopy Award Recipients Paula M. Dumars (2010)
David Heathcote (2010)
Louie T. Luzod (2010)
Nicole A. Rayl (2010)
Kevin Sato (2010)
Marianne K. Steele (2010)
Kenny K. Vassigh (2010)
Karin E. Perkins (2011)
Lance Q. Ellingson (2012)
Diana C. Ly (2012)
Kris Vogelsong (2012)
Ann Kapusta (2015)
Kara Martin (2015)
Rudy Cotillon (2016)
Stephen Gila (2016)
David Pletcher (2016)
Linda Scibor (2016)
Sungshin Y. Choi (2017)

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