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Preparations for Next Moonwalk Simulations Underway (and Underwater) A NASA Glenn microgravity expert demonstrates how objects fall in Earth’s environment but float in microgravity to two guests. Behind his table are several other tables that showcase NASA technology.NASA Glenn’s Dennis Stocker explains microgravity research aboard the International Space Station. He was one of several experts who shared information on NASA science during COSI’s Big Science Celebration. Credit: NASA/John Oldham 
  NASA’s Glenn Research Center joined Center for Science and Industry, or COSI’s, Big Science Celebration event on the museum’s front lawn in Columbus, Ohio, on May 4. This event was centered around STEM careers and building a diverse STEM workforce by exposing individuals to science and technology where they live, learn, and lounge. Glenn experts shared information on the Power and Propulsion Element for NASA’s Gateway lunar outpost, interactives from Glenn’s Graphics and Visualization Lab, details about internships and careers, and spinoff technologies that benefit the public. 

NASA Glenn Research Center’s astronaut mascot during COSI’s Big Science Celebration in Columbus, Ohio. Credit: NASA/John Oldham  Return to Newsletter

NASA Glenn Joins COSI’s Big Science Celebration