The island of Hawai'i is black, with streaks of orange and purple. There is a big orange spot (near center). The water around the island is, going from left to right, orange and red. The coastline has a blue line along it, indicating high flood risk.NASA/Lisa Tanh, Matilda Anokye, Ian Lee, Connor Racette The island of Hawai’i and surrounding waters glow in unusual shades in this 2022 model made through NASA DEVELOP. The model was created to help the County of Hawai’i in their shoreline setback plan. The image shows areas of high flood risk (blue), as well as sea surface temperatures. Orange in the west indicates high temperatures, while red in the east represents low temperatures.

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Image Credit: NASA/Lisa Tanh, Matilda Anokye, Ian Lee, Connor Racette

Modeling the Hawaiian Shoreline